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Sample Movie Script

The scripts are for short (60 – 90 second) video sequences. The ideas beg to be made into
production workshops, or, to be staged for their own sake.. The scripts have been designed
to provide unique challenges for creative process development.

Below is an example:

At the Big Box Store (A Silent Movie)

by Ed Shaw

A lady is looking through lamp sockets at the big box store. While she handles the fixture,
it comes apart in her hand.
Not wanting to attract attention, she hurriedly returns the part to the basket. She stuffs it under the
rest of the fixtures.
She then moves on to the televisions. As she turns the volume control of a TV, the knob comes off in her hand.
She is becoming uncomfortable. She has attracted the attention of a clerk, who wears a red “How Can I Help You?” apron.
As the clerk approaches her, she tries to stick the knob back on the TV.The clerk engages her in conversation,
not especially friendly. She tells the clerk that none of this is her fault.
The camera withdraws.
The exchange continues.

Things to think about:
This is a comment on the low cost material and workmanship that goes hand in hand with
being the price leader.
Probably want to shoot this with a cell phone camera.
I don’t think Wal-Mart wants movie crews in the store.
This also leads to the greater theme of finger pointing on the
part os shoddy merchandise sales people.
—-the end——

Did you like that script? If you did,
there are plenty more where that one came from.
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